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Description: BioSyn is a leader in providing a comprehensive clocking system and time and attendance services in South Africa and other countries. BioSyn is meticulously tailored for the time and attendance industry, while BioSyn boasts many powerful capabilities, it caters to all your basic time and attendance needs. Over 180 rules are available throughout the system which allows you to create a perfect setup for your company. BioSyn helps you keep track of your employees the smart way. Cross-device compatible. You can view your time and attendance data from anywhere in the world. Whether you have been using a clock system for ages or if you are new, BioSyn will ensure you use your time and attendance capabilities to the maximum. BioSyn also owns the web application development company that develops our time and attendance system; thus our solution has the capability to customize dashboards and reports or develop a specific project for clients. BioSyn has the capability to import/ export to any payroll program, it also has direct integration capabilities available with a handful of payroll programs.
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